Friday, August 17, 2012

How To Wear it: Hi/Low Hems

High/low hems (sometimes called mullet hems) are a fun trend that can be worn in various ways. When executed correctly, a high/low hem can be worn at the office, on a date or in a casual setting.

At the Office: Pair a high/low top (like #4) with a high waisted pencil skirt or  pants, just make sure that your midriff isn’t showing. A high/low blouse is a great way to expose fun details on the top of your pants or skirt. Some other fun options are a high/low dress (like #2) or skirt (like #5), as long as the “low” part doesn’t expose too much leg. You can figure out how much skin is too much skin based on your office’s culture, what others wear and your own comfort level.  In most cases, I’d recommend keeping your hem at or below the knee.
For a Date: Opt for a fun colored dress (like #3) and pair it with some fabulous strappy sandals (for a fancy to-do) or a pair of flat, greek inspired sandals (for a more casual date). Experiment with different sized jewelry to create tons of different looks, and maybe throw on a light cardigan in case it gets cold.
For a Casual Look: Whether you’re spending the day drinking lemonade by the pool or running errands, you’ll want to be comfortable and cute. Find a lightweight high/low t-shirt (like #1) that can be paired with cropped pants or shorts. Looking for something super comfy? Pieces like #6 are the sweatpants of high/low skirts and look great with a colorful tank or t-shirt.